At Maylo, We Strive to Partner with Families as we Teach Our Children to Serve

Here at Maylo, something’s always happening with and for our children.  Each Wednesday we gather at 6 p.m. to share a meal and fellowship.  Then at 6:30, we’re off to learn about God’s wonderful creation through a variety of exciting hands-on projects, or for a change of pace, we might take a field trip to learn how amazing and fun God’s creation really is.  At Maylo, we’re always looking for something new and exciting to help our children make the connection between everyday life and faith.   

Our Children’s Ministry also hosts a variety of annual and seasonal events geared just for kids. For instance, during the lead up to the Easter season, we host our annual egg hunt.  In December, we host our annual Children’s Christmas play.  Every child is invited to participate in these and other varied activities.

Why should your child become a part of our ministry ​to Children?

Because being a part of our weekly activities along with scheduled special events teaches all our children specific life skills while learning about God and his message of love for them and their world.
But here’s the bottom line, it is our hope and prayer that through our Children and Youth ministries, through what they’re taught and how they’re loved, that when the time is just right, that these children, your children and ours will say yes to Jesus as Savior.  This is why we do ministry with and for our Children and Youth.

At Maylo, We Strive to Partner with Families as we Teach Our Children to Serve

For instance, children who are in fourth and fifth grade will be invited to serve as an Acolyte.  Each Sunday the Acolytes light the candles signifying the presence of the Holy Spirit and carry in the cross. 
Children are also invited to partner with others in various mission and ministry events and projects throughout the year.  
Here at Maylo we strive to have something every child will be interested in. Every activity is designed to be exciting and fun; but also to teach children about Gods love and His role and desire in and for our everyday lives.
If you have a child that might benefit from God’s ministry and love for them, we invite you to give Maylo a try.  If you’re a parent, grandparent or someone who simply loves children and are looking for a place to share your gifts and graces, we invite you to give Maylo a try.

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